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The Shadow Queen

The Shadow Queen

Verschillende betekenissen

Het verwerven van kennis - Onzekerheid - Manipulatie

The Shadow Queen tells us that too many of the details hidden behind our circumstances prevent us from moving forward quickly at this time. She has come with a lantern to help shed light on what is concealed within us. This is the time to wait for more to be revealed.

It is time to educate ourselves about our true intentions and then put that information to work for us. She asks that we dig deep to gain strength that we have the courage to ask someone “in the know” to shed light on our circumstances. She promises to send that person to us, but beware of moving too quickly in the dark, as we will likely trip and fall and have to start again.

Be secure in the knowledge that all answers are eventually brought into the light, at the moment they are needed. We cannot make time go faster, nor learn at a speedier pace, than what is meant to be. Instead we must use this lantern to go at the rate that will benefit us, for the higher good of all.

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms orakel kopen?

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms orakel
Wisdom of the Hidden Realms orakel

Deze kaarten vertegenwoordigen een enkel van de verborgen werelden en hun Koninginnen, Koningen, Prinsessen en andere magische helpers. Laat de Zwanenkoningin je helpen om de weg naar transformatie te zien, de Pijlenmeester om je doelen te bereiken, de Zonnedansers om je overwinningen aan te kondigen en de Geheime vereniging om je verlangens naar liefde te beantwoorden. Vraag en je zult ontvangen, ze zullen antwoorden.

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms orakel kopen