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Wees stil, concentreer je aandacht en observeer met je ogen, oren en gevoelens wat er om je heen gebeurt.

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Take a deep breath and release it slowly-then take another...and another. Continue to breathe steadily and slowly, form your belly to your chest. Breathing this way will keep you attuned to what you feel in your body. Notice the sensations without judging or trying to change them. Be aware of how your body responds to what you see, hear, and feel around you. Don´t judge any of your experience as right or wrong. If you find that you´re doing so, take another deep breath, release the judgments as you exhale, and return to simply observing your experience, inside and out.
When you practice this way of observing, you´re operating from pure awareness or Witness Self- the Self that radiates through and fills your being. It´s the Self that feels a deep connection with the world as a participant, while at the same time is centred in the Observer.
Operating this way for a few minutes each day becomes a meditation and will stimulate the realization of the unity of all Life, with you serving as a direct conduit and expression of Spirit. When you´re connected to Spirit, the natural world speaks to you, and you become sensitive to the energies of the Earth. Awareness without mediation or judgment, centred in your heart and your soul, allows you to know your authentic self without attaching concepts about who you are-pure you!

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Het kaartendeck van het Dierenorakel heet 'Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle'. Dierenzielengidsen zijn zielengidsen in dierenvorm. Ze kunnen je voorzien van begeleiding voor vragen die je hebt over ieder aspect in je leven. Dit orakeldeck bestaat uit 44 orakelkaarten met ieder een duidelijke en bondige boodschap van het vertegenwoordigde dier. Inclusief handleidingsboekje met instructies en gedetailleerde beschrijving van de boodschap.

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