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Confronteer je problemen met zelfvertrouwen en moed en je zult zegevieren.


Moed - Gastvrijheid - Aardsheid - Zelfredzaamheid - Bescherming - Welvaart - Organisatie - Wreedheid - Ontwortelen - Netheid - Bepaling - evenwicht - Veiligheid - Vasthoudendheid

Whatever difficulties you're experiencing now, whether with relationship, career path, or someone of concern, dig in and rummage around until you discover how to solve the problem. Then take immediate action to remedy it. Every time you confront adverse situations in this way, you'll be uprooting those elements in your life that appear to be obstacles to fulfilling your purpose.

Life can sometimes be very uncooperative and will at times even block your demands of how events or experiences should unfold. If you're living on earth you're going to get your feet muddy sometimes, but its no call for panic, crisis, or drama. Instead, take a couple of deep breathes and view whatever problem you encounter as simply something that needs to be taken care of. As the saying goes, there really are no problems-only creative possibilities.

Once you've emerged victorious-which means that you've either conquered your problem or changed your thinking about how you initially perceived the situation-you'll experience a surge of power and confidence. Remember that your power originates from Source, expressed through you and as you. When you've vanquished the illusion of this situation being a problem you'll not only feel a greater sense of relief and freedom, but you also open the way for your heart, mind, and soul to be more in alignment with the will of spirit. When you operate from that perspective, you can overcome anything!

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Het Dierenorakel
Het Dierenorakel

Het kaartendek van het Dierenorakel heet 'Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle'. Dierenzielengidsen zijn zielengidsen in dierenvorm. Ze kunnen je voorzien van begeleiding voor vragen die je hebt over ieder aspect in je leven. Dit orakeldek bestaat uit 44 orakelkaarten met ieder een duidelijke en bondige boodschap van het vertegenwoordigde dier. Inclusief handleidingsboekje met instructies en gedetailleerde beschrijving van de booschap.

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