Initiatie - Genezing - Respect - Transformatie - Opstanding - Vergieten - Afstandelijkheid - Dood / Wedergeboorte - Seksualiteit - Vernieuwing - Transmutatie - Heldervoelendheid - Behendigheid - Wijsheid - Creativiteit - Oerenergie


De ervaringen die je op dit moment meemaakt zijn een inwijding van het vervullen van je doel als een genezer.

Extra toelichting

You are destined for great things; things that will help others around you to cope, heal and manage their way through the challenges in their own lives. That is what you are working on as you deal with the challenges that have been in your life recently and that you are currently dealing with. Each experience that you have, both positive and negative, will enable you to better understand and empathize with those you will be helping down the line. Either through a formal form of therapy or through just being there for someone to lean on, you will find that your experiences will allow you to tell them exactly what they need to hear, and you will be speaking from the heart. Know that your natural instinct to take care of others and help them as much as you can is the basis for your loving, giving and healing nature. You are a therapist at heart and now you will find yourself put into a `healer´ role, in a therapy capacity, that you were not completely expecting to be put into. You will excel at it and find that it truly IS what you were meant to do. A new career, perhaps?

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Dierenorakel Dierenorakel

Het kaartendeck van het Dierenorakel heet 'Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle'. Dierenzielengidsen zijn zielengidsen in dierenvorm. Ze kunnen je voorzien van begeleiding voor vragen die je hebt over ieder aspect in je leven. Dit orakeldeck bestaat uit 44 orakelkaarten met ieder een duidelijke en bondige boodschap van het vertegenwoordigde dier. Inclusief handleidingsboekje met instructies en gedetailleerde beschrijving van de boodschap.

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