Pueo (Hawaiiaanse uil)

Pueo (Hawaiiaanse uil)


Waardigheid - Omens - Begeleiding - Bescherming - Wijsheid - Kennis - Inspiratie - Raadselachtigheid - Stilte - Heiligheid - Diversiteit - 'Aumakua ("OW-ma-Koo-ah," Voorouder weergegeven als een geestendier)


Je voorouderlijke zielenbegeleiders bieden hun begeleiding aan, dus concentreer je aandacht op hun voortekenen.

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You can receive guidance from your ancestors in the spirit world, no matter what their age, when they died, or how many generations ago they walked on the Earth. They´re offereing you help in many ways right now, so pay close attention to the signs they give you. This guidance can come to you in many forms, whether through your eyes, ears, feelings, or thoughts. Sometimes your ancestral spirit guides appear in dreams, particularly vivid ones. You might see someone who looks like one of you ancestors, or unexpectedly come across photos or memorabilia that remind you of this person. Often a particular animal making an appearance before you is a way in which your ancestral guide is trying to reach you. You might hear something that makes you tink of a specific ancestor, or simply feel their presence. And thoughts about a certain ancestor, expecially unexpected and recurring thoughts, suggest that they´re nearby.
Repetition is key here. In whatever way your ancestors attempt to contact you, when signs continue to show up that make you think of your deceased loved ones, know that these physical manifestations demonstrate that they´re with you. You may have k known some of these ancestors in the physical world prior to their deaths, or they may be ancestors for long ago, several generations before your birth, surpassing the boundaries of conscious memory. Regardless of who they are, always give thanks to your ancestral spirit guides and even appeal to these benevolent helpers whenever guidance is needed.

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Het kaartendeck van het Dierenorakel heet 'Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle'. Dierenzielengidsen zijn zielengidsen in dierenvorm. Ze kunnen je voorzien van begeleiding voor vragen die je hebt over ieder aspect in je leven. Dit orakeldeck bestaat uit 44 orakelkaarten met ieder een duidelijke en bondige boodschap van het vertegenwoordigde dier. Inclusief handleidingsboekje met instructies en gedetailleerde beschrijving van de boodschap.

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