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De polen van je spirituele bezigheden en fysieke ontspanningen zijn uit balans, dus doe wat nodig is om ze weer in evenwicht te krijgen.

Extra toelichting

When on the spiritual path, it´s easy to idealize what being spiritual means. It can become a rigid mental imprint on which you judge anything that varies from your conceptualization of what "being spiritual" is supposed to be about. This includes not only another person´s practices and beliefs, but your own. Falling short of this idealism leads to either assuming a righteous and arrogant position with others, or when self-imposed, elicits guilt and shame.
This spiritual perfectionism can make you reticent about enjoying the pleasures of the material world, as well as those of your physical body. The Earth Herself provides a dazzling and sensual panorama of experiences to be directly encountered through the physical senses. Yet for many, truly enjoying the pleasures of the sense of sight , sound, taste, touch, and smell can be fraught with worry, anxiety, guilt, and shame-products of early childhood religious and/or cultural conditioning. Others become so entangles in the world of the senses that it becomes their god, and their spiritual core is lost to materiality.
To be polarized in one direction or another takes you either to lofty heights and iridescent abstractions that are completely ungrounded, or else causes you to become caught up in the glue of the mundane world without the guiding light of Spirit to provide a locus of authority. With the blessing of your awareness, you can redirect you thought and actions toward that which brings greater balance and fluidity between the two polarities.

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Het kaartendeck van het Dierenorakel heet 'Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle'. Dierenzielengidsen zijn zielengidsen in dierenvorm. Ze kunnen je voorzien van begeleiding voor vragen die je hebt over ieder aspect in je leven. Dit orakeldeck bestaat uit 44 orakelkaarten met ieder een duidelijke en bondige boodschap van het vertegenwoordigde dier. Inclusief handleidingsboekje met instructies en gedetailleerde beschrijving van de boodschap.

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