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Neem de tijd om te luisteren naar hen die je liefhebt, vooral familieleden.

Extra toelichting

Gorilla´s are amazing animals. They are huge and powerful and quite impressive if you´ve ever had the chance to see on up close, but even with all their power they are quite gentle and, as a species, are quite family oriented. As male gorillas mature they are somewhat pushed out of the family unit with the intention of them finding a female to mate with and create their own family unit, however it´s been know that "bachelor groups" have been created in the while when males either don´t find females or when they are not ready to on some level and instead they find comfort in each other. These groups can last from a few months to a few years or longer. Newborns actually cling to their mothers hair immediately and the mother will continue to hold her baby for the first 4 months of it´s life, almost never letting go of it. Family and that family connection are very important for the gorilla.

So with this we receive the message of Gorilla. Family is important and they need to know you love them and are there for them since, while we seem to always expect them to be there, part of us knows that eventually they leave the nest, one way or another. Sometimes one of the best ways to let them know you love them is to be open within the lines of communication. By listening to those we love and care about rather than always trying to take center stage we are able to show another level of love and compassion. With Gorilla today use this as a message to either spend time talking to and sharing with a loved one or reconnecting with someone that you haven´t had open communication with for a while. Don´t just say "I love you" out of habit, do something to show it on a deeper level.

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