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Crystal Winds - Ragfijne Vleugels

Een heldere fee stijgt op met ragfijne vleugels

Ragfijne Vleugels

It is time to call upon the faeries to help you. Look for signs, such as Faery circles, the scent of cinnamon, glimpses of Faery glitter, broken twigs in a pattern, the sound of bells or the music of flutes. Trust in the magic you have within you to fly free! It is time for you to take off in a new direction. You are ready to fly even higher in your current direction. The situation is full of promise: your future begins today. A very bright and lucky card!
Fairies are a race of small magical beings. They are usually invisible to most of us, but some mortals have the gift to see them. Fairies have many human qualities. They have talents and skills, friends and family. They love and desire. They can be mischievous and troublesome is you do not heed their advice. Fairies fly, change shape and make themselves invisible to escape human capture. Fairies are complex beings and their behaviour is ruled by a moral code that is very different from ours. Despite their minute size and whimsical appearance, these beings have hidden powers that will sway your perception and propel you into action.

Crystal Winds orakelkaarten kopen?

Crystal Winds orakelkaarten
Crystal Winds orakelkaarten

Het Crystal Winds orakel geeft helderheid en betekenis aan jouw reis door de kern van je ziel te raken en door je te vragen om de antwoorden binnenin jezelf te zoeken.

Deze kaarten activeren je intïtieve vermogen en begeleiden je om vanuit het hart te voelen, luisteren en leven.

Het Crystal Winds orakel geeft je hierbij de tekenen en wegwijzers die je nodig hebt. De inzichten zullen vanzelf komen. Wat je denkt, komt tot creatie! Wat je voelt, wordt gemanifesteerd!

Het Crystal Winds orakel is alleen via iTunes verkrijgbaar.

Crystal Winds orakelkaarten kopen