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Crystal Winds - Dryad

Dryad zorgt voor het bos en de bomen


You are becoming more aware of the inter-connectedness of all life, respecting nature as you would yourself. You are being guided to ground in reality and be considerate of other forms of life. You would benefit from grass roots activities, such as planting trees, neighbourhood clean-ups and learning more about ecology and sustainability. It is time for you to connect with nature.
The Dryad is a wood nymph, the animating spirit of a tree. Dryads were free to emerge, dance to the pipes of Pan and participate in the affairs of gods and men, yet their lives were inextricable linked to the trees they inhabited. In Greek myth, to carelessly injure a tree was a serious offence. Before a tree could be cut down, prayers and offerings were made to the Dryads. As the Dryad was connected to her home, so we are inseparable from our environment. The Dryad represents the environment as a living entity. As the Greeks offered prayers to the trees, we must first “consult” with nature so that we do not injure her or take unfair advantage of her gifts.

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Crystal Winds orakelkaarten
Crystal Winds orakelkaarten

Het Crystal Winds orakel geeft helderheid en betekenis aan jouw reis door de kern van je ziel te raken en door je te vragen om de antwoorden binnenin jezelf te zoeken.

Deze kaarten activeren je intïtieve vermogen en begeleiden je om vanuit het hart te voelen, luisteren en leven.

Het Crystal Winds orakel geeft je hierbij de tekenen en wegwijzers die je nodig hebt. De inzichten zullen vanzelf komen. Wat je denkt, komt tot creatie! Wat je voelt, wordt gemanifesteerd!

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Crystal Winds orakelkaarten kopen